ConquerNewWorldsYou are called on to expand the empire by establishing colonies, building teams, subduing your enemies, and rule the galaxy as Emperor.


All contestants start with a simple scout, establish colonies then manage their economies to build a massive ship yard that can build the largest ships, arms factories to produce new technologies to battle your enemies, or simply grow a huge tax base to aid your team to become the next ruling class.

Poleaxe ship class

Ship classes are fully configurable, using a modular approach, players determine if they want to build a combat ship, a transport to carry thousands of fighters, a planet attack dead naught or a balanced ship to preform any task needed.

Cruiser Concept


Competitive PvP is the bedrock upon which MegaWars is built. Unlike many persistent state MMOs which bog the player down in perpetual grinding missions that go nowhere, or circumstances where more established players will always grind newbies into the dirt, MegaWars provides an environment where all players are given an equal shot at winning the game. Every campaign lasts for 30 days. In the end, a winner is chosen in each campaign, the galaxy resets, and a new campaign is begun. Both newbies and veterans start with exactly the same advantages, and both have an equal shot at winning so long as they employ the right strategies, the right tactics, and build strong alliances. At the conclusion of each year, winners will have a shot at fighting in the War of the Galaxies to claim the title of Emperor.

One of the most exciting possibilities with MegaWars is that you’ll be able to pick the types battles you most enjoy fighting. Choose a Total War campaign if you want to fight until there’s only one player left standing. If total economic domination is more your speed, then an Empire Builder campaign should be right up your alley. Engage in a Bug Hunt to be the team with the largest number of Kryon kills, or try a challenging Explorers campaign to reassemble and activate one of the lost Kryon Doomsday weapons.¬†Whatever style of strategic play you most enjoy, you’ll be able to find a match that suits your tastes.